About us

About Us

Mastersofremovals.com is a leading provider of many services in the removal industry from moving and removal, right down to cleaning services. Our aim is to bring both cost efficiency and ultimate satisfaction to all our customers.

We are more than a moving & removal company!

Mastersofremovals.com is proud to have a range of services portfolio which makes it superior to other similar removal companies.  We also have an extensive range of professional workers, with many years of experience in the moving and removal services, offering additional services you might need in between your moving and relocating plans. Movevan.co.uk is much more than removals, it’s a company beyond the limits!

At Mastersofremovals.com, we source the very best skilled workers for cleaning, packing, disposing, delivery, furniture moving, painting, and decorating, including our online store. Our services cover anything from large scale offices to a single box or painting. Movevan.co.uk is a one stop place for all your moving and relocation needs.

Now you don’t need to waste your time searching the net for all the different services you may require for your move, movevan.co.uk has saved you the trouble as you can now find all the services you require right here on our website.

he company was founded by Christopher Rollin, who has brought many years of experience to the company, he has spent the past 22 years working in the removals industry. His experiences, expertise and quality of service has shaped the company’s aim: “To Move anything, anywhere in the fastest possible time” at the lowest possible price.

Whether it’s shifting a home or transferring all your valuables from one place to another or even disposals of unwanted items, Movevan.co.uk is ready with its substantial workforce to carry out your required move as per your requirements.

With more than 30,000 registered drivers, fully maintained transportation facilities and over 20,000 professionals on board under various service categories, such as cleaning, interior decorators, painters and handymen, Movevan is definitely a one stop place for your moving, removal and cleaning needs.

Movevan is not only dedicated to providing services which cater to our customer’s complex needs, our services are 75% cheaper than other similar companies operating in the market.  Tell us what you need to move in as much or as little detail as you want. Pick your dates and location. You are then ready to start saving as much as 75% more than using a normal moving company. It’s simply that easy!

Don’t take our word for it, get an instant quote right now in less than 30 seconds and see what movevan.co.uk can do you for you.

Thank you

Christopher Rollin

Chief Executive